We know how much you love your NerdKudo tee, and you want to make it last as long as you can, without fading, chipping or cracking in the print. To make that possible, here are some tips on how to care for it.


  • Set your washing machine settings to “Delicate” cycle and temperature selection to “COLD” in order to prevent the color of the tee to fade and the print to crack.
  • Turn the tee inside out to prevent the print to rub against each other or with other fabrics.
  • Wash the tee alone or with other garments with the same fabric or softer ones like silk.
  • Follow the manufacturer instructions in the care label inside the tee.
  • Do not bleach and use only detergents with no bleaching action.


  • Don’t wring out the tee to avoid cracking or chipping the design.
  • Hang dry the tee inside out and not under direct sunlight.
  • If using hanger, hang tee upside down to avoid stretching the neck.


  • If tee is safe to iron based on manufacturer instruction, iron the tee inside out at a low setting. If not, then just fold the shirt properly and put it under your pillow overnight.