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Valentine's day is coming up! Did you by any chance got the gift for your loved one?

If yes then, you deserve a tap on the back for being thoughtful and for remembering how special February 14th is for couples and families!

To make this year’s Valentine’s Day more fun and memorable than ever, here are some tips on how to be creative when giving the gift.

1. The Puzzle Pieces

Print or draw a picture of the actual gift or a clue where you will hide the gift. Cut it like a jigsaw puzzle into 15 to 20 pieces. Instead of giving the actual gift, offer the puzzle pieces as gift. Make your loved one form the puzzle pieces in order to get the real gift.

2. The Scavenger Hunt

Plant clues from one destination to the other that will lead him/her to the location of the gift.

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3. The Balloon Notes

Create a card or a note and cut it into 14 pieces. Insert each piece inside a balloon, pump air into it, tie the end with a string, and give it like a balloon bouquet. Your loved one has to pop all 14 balloons and put the pieces together to know where the gift is.


4. The Unexpected Discovery

Place the gift somewhere conspicuous so your loved one can easily see it. It can be in the cereal box, in a shoe, in the soap dish, or anywhere or anything that fits into your loved one’s regular routine.


5. Your Special Spot

Plan an outing to the place that is special to the both of you. The beach where you first kissed, the bookstore where you first met – anywhere that is memorable for you and your loved one! Once you get there, take time to reminisce your memories of the place then simply pull out the gift and present it to your loved one.

However, if you forgot, or have no time to buy a Valentine’s gift for your loved one – don’t despair! You still have time to save the day!

Here are some tips that will still make Valentine’s Day wonderful for the both of you, without the gift!

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1. Write 100 reasons why you love him/her in a scented paper

then roll it and tie with a red or pink bow. You can give it as is or inside a clean, transparent bottle.

2. Write several love notes and leave them in unexpected places

inside the house. You can stick one on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, under the pillow, or anywhere that he/she can possibly find them.


3. Go for a drive or a walk with your loved one

to a lookout point where you can clearly see the stars. Enjoy a night under the stars sitting together or lying on your back in the grass.

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4. Wear your most fabulous outfits and celebrate at home

with a fancy drink that you mix personally. Take turns in concocting the wildest and most exciting cocktails for each other and pretend that you’re enjoying the drinks in a posh hotel.


5. Have a spa session at home.

Chill a bottle of wine, run a hot bath and add some scented oil. You can also sprinkle some rose petals to the bath and light some candles to make the mood more romantic. Play your loved one’s favorite music as you enjoy the bath. Then feed each other chocolate treats while sipping glasses of wine. Give him/her a massage to get your loved one in the mood for some under-the-blanket celebration later.


So…are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Now you are!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day my friend!

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