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10 Cute Workout Shirts For Sailor Moon Fans

10 Cute Workout Shirts For Sailor Moon Fans

Getting excited for Season Three of Sailor Moon Crystal? Who doesn’t?!  Now you have more reason not to hit the gym!

But hey, you can still workout at home right? No worries about missing an episode! You just switch on your TV and do some stretches on your living room floor. Now that’s hitting two birds with one stone!

To get you in the mood, we have here 10 cute Sailor Moon workout shirts to workout in and to watch the third arc of your favorite magical girl series. No need to leave the house because we will deliver the item right at your doorstep. Just pick an item, order here and make payment. No-fuss shopping and fast shipping guaranteed!

  1. Sailor Moon Crush This Workout Into Moon Dust Shirt $22.95

  1. Sailor Moon I Can't Workout Because The Negaverse Will Steal My Energy $22.95

  1. Sailor Moon I Just Want to Take Naps And Destroy The Negaverse $22.95

  1. Sailor Moon I Will Punish The Patriarchy Shirt $22.95

  1. Sailor Moon I'm Not Lazy I Was Up All Night Fighting Evil By Moonlight Shirt $22.95

  1. Sailor Moon Run Like Tuxedo Mask Is Waiting At The Finish Line Shirt $22.95

  1. Sailor Moon Sailor Scout In Training Shirt $24.95

  1. Sailor Moon Single Taken Defending The Earth From The Negaverse Shirt $22.95

  1. Sailor Moon Too Magical For Your Bullshit Shirt $22.95

10. Sailor Moon Luna & Artemis We're Purrrfect Together Shirt $22.95



10 Of The Hippest Workout Wear For Pokemon Fans

10 Of The Hippest Workout Wear For Pokemon Fans

Is working out too boring for you? You’re not alone pal! Why go to the gym when you still have a Pokemon game to attend to? But then… a Pokemon trainer should be fit and active to catch new Pokemon don’t you think?

To help you to get out of that chair and head to gym to work some sweat, we have come up with a list of the hippest Pokemon workout wear for you to choose from. Just pick what you like and place an order with us. We guarantee that you’ll get the item the soonest possible time!

  1. Pokemon I Beat The Elite Four Before You Were Even Born Shirt $22.95