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5 Things To Note In The Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Premiere Episode

5 Things To Note In The Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Premiere Episode

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 premiered on April 4, Monday, and if you have been following updates on the latest season of your beloved Sailor Moon series, you would surely not miss it! After all, Viz Media, Hulu and Crunchyroll streamed the premiere episode on their respective digital platforms, for the US-based fans to watch on the same day as the Japanese debut.


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It seems the people behind the Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 have made it right this time. The show has been getting glowing reviews from fans and critics alike, in terms of animation quality and character development. Though it’s just the first episode, Season 3 is an improvement of Sailor Moon Crystal’s first two seasons wrote iDigitaltimes. They look brighter and more expressive, and their limbs are more physically believable. No more lazy animation and unappealing CGI transformation sequences for this season.


According to Moviepilot, Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 (the Infinity arc) remained true to the original manga content with stylized aspects that appeal to the longtime fans of the series. Although there are similarities in the opening sequences, there are also several differences.

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Here are 5 things to note in the Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3.

  • The new opening focuses more on the Outer Senshi and shows more shots of Sailor Pluto.
  • The transformation sequences of the Inner Senshi have more 1990s animation impression to them.
  • Michiru already possesses one of the three sacred talismans, the Deep Aqua Mirror.
  • Fans can expect more than a dozen new attacks from the Sailor Senshi that were not shown in the 1990s counterpart.
  • This season’s new episode will be broadcasted every Monday not the previous seasons’ every first and third Saturday of each month


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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 has thirteen episodes and the next episode will be on April 11. It is not yet known if the Dreams arc will immediately follow after the Infinity arc. Maybe it will depend on the fans respond to the newly-improved Sailor Moon Crystal design.

So how did you find it? Is Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 the one that you wanted for a reboot?


Photo Credit: Hulu