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6 New Pokemon Revealed In The Latest Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer; New Features Also Announced

6 New Pokemon Revealed In The Latest Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer; New Features Also Announced

The Pokemon Company has officially revealed yesterday 6 new Pokemon via the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer.

The newest Pokemon are Wimpod, Bounsweet, Comfey, Mudsdale, Bewear and Mimikyu. Bewear is a Normal/Fighting bear Pokemon that were leaked last week together with Mimikyu, a Pokemon that resembles Pikachu.


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According to Comicbook, these Pokemon have the following descriptions and abilities:

Wimpod, a Bug/Water Type Pokemon also known as the Turn Tail Pokemon, has the new Ability Wimp Out. When its HP drops below 50% in battle, it runs away or swaps out with another Pokemon.

Grass Type Bounsweet is a fruit Pokemon that calms human by emitting a delicious aroma, making them a favorite air freshener in Alola.

The Posy Picker Pokemon Comfey, gather flowers and carry them around which it uses to treat both Pokemon and people at Pokemon Centers and hospitals.


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Mudsdale is a Ground Type, Draft Horse Pokemon that has extraordinary power and endurance. It can possess the Ability Stamina which raises its defense by one when struck by an attack.

Like real bears, Bewear must not be carelessly approached. It is the Strong Arm Pokemon that is fond of giving crushing hugs that can break anyone in two. Bewear has the Normal/Fighting Type.

And last but not the least, Ghost/Fairy Type Mimikyu. Mimikyu has the Disguise Ability that helps it flee the danger of an enemy’s attack for one turn.

Here’s the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer.


Nintendo announced that new features will be added to the Pokemon Global Link “which connects players around the world who are enjoying the Pokemon series.” The Pokemon Global Link service will be ended for Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y to make it compatible with Pokemon Sun and Moon. A new function, Friendly Competitions will be introduced with two types: Online and Live.


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Another new function announced is the Hyper Training which can be used to boost a Pokemon’s power.A new character in Alola region, Mr. Hyper will do the training in exchange for Bottle Caps which can be obtained by players in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Magearna, the Mythical Pokemon, will be distributed with a Bottle Cap held item in Europe, in the later part of this year.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will launch exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in the United States and Japan on November 18th, and in Europe on November 23rd.


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Nintendo E3 2016 Reveals: 3 New Pokemon And Battle Royal Mode For Pokemon Sun And Moon!

Nintendo E3 2016 Reveals: 3 New Pokemon And Battle Royal Mode For Pokemon Sun And Moon!

The E3 2016 kicked off yesterday with a live gameplay demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon via Nintendo Treehouse. Nintendo’s presentation for the upcoming Pokemon game revealed three new Pokemon:  Yungoos, Pikipek, and Grubbin as well as a new Multiplayer mode called “Battle Royal.”

Gematsu wrote that Yungoos, the Loitering Pokemon, has a Stakeout Ability that double the normal damage dealt to any Pokemon that the player switched in the field in the middle of the battle. This Pokemon is usually seen in the Alola Region, making it easy to capture. But, Yungoos has a horrible temper when hungry thus, it needs to be feed often with a massive amount of food.


Woodpecker Pokemon Pikipek has the Keen Eye and Skill Link Ability and Normal/Flying Type. Its beak is so powerful that it can drill holes into hard wood and shatter stones with its blows. Pikipek zip seeds to its distant opponents with a force strong enough to push the seeds inside the tree trunks.

Bug Type Grubbin on the other hand possesses the Swarm Ability and usually inhabits power plants and substations because it loves electricity. This Larva Pokemon depends on its sturdy jaw during battles and uses it to burrow through the earth.

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According to Comicbook, the Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay video likewise showed some additional features such as a revamped Pokedex screen and new add-ons to the battle screen. With these features, players will be able to gauge the stat effects and status right after the moves hit them and will enable them to know what moves would best work with an enemy’s Pokemon.


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The Mythical Pokemon Magearna also appeared in the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer. Magearna was built 500 years ago by a genius scientist and has the new Soul-Heart Ability that raises its Sp. Atk by one with every Pokemon that faints in its vicinity. Magearna can feel the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of any Pokemon and can transform into a Poke Ball.


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Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala’s forms were finally revealed and they are Radiant Sun phase and the Full Moon phase. Both Legendaries seem shining with a stronger light than their earlier images. It’s exciting to see what these two Pokemon could do when they unleash their full powers!

A new battle format was also introduced in the new trailer.  The Multiplayer mode Battle Royal allows four players to pit against each other in a special stage. They will be ranked based on how many Pokemon they defeated during the battle and the number of their remaining Pokemon.

Watch the new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer below.



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CoroCoro Leaks! Two New Pokemon In Pokemon Sun And Moon Revealed!

CoroCoro Leaks! Two New Pokemon In Pokemon Sun And Moon Revealed!


After the introduction of Pokemon Sun and Moon starters Litten, Rowlet, Popplio last month, two new Pokemon have just been revealed as the June issue of CoroCoro leaks.

The recent leak of the Japanese magazine’s latest issue was announced today by  The six images posted in the site include two new Pokemon with Japanese names, Nekkoala and Iwanako. Nekkoala is a Normal-type, half-awake Pokemon with the appearance of a koala and possesses the ability Definite Sleep which means no status can be inflicted on it other than sleep.


Remember that surprise Pokemon that was spotted on the Pokemon Sun and Moon Japanese trailer standing with its trainer? It’s definitely a dog-like Pokemon named Iwanako! Iwanako joins Lillipup and Growlithe with the classification of Puppy Pokemon. Rock-type Iwanako has the abilities of Keen Eye or Evil Spirit.


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Pokemon Sun and Moon will be previewed in the Nintendo Treehouse livestream at next week’s E3. Nekkoala and Iwanako might have their English names by then. Expect more details about these new Pokemon in the E3 event as CoroCoro also teased that Iwanko as well as Pokemon Sun and Moon starters Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio are all hiding a secret.


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Meanwhile, the Pokemon website announces that it will give out a Shiny Mewtwo to thank and congratulate players who participated in the Play! Pokemon event this year.

“Anyone who has earned at least one video game Play! Point during the 2016 season and is opted into the Play! Pokémon program before July 10, 2016, will receive an email in late July containing a code for Shiny Mewtwo. This is the first time players can get Mewtwo with its Hidden Ability, Unnerve, which prevents Mewtwo's opponent from eating a held Berry. Mewtwo is also holding the Mewtwonite Y Mega Stone, allowing it to Mega Evolve during battle.”


Mewtwo can be claimed by entering the code in any of these games: Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X, and Pokemon Y. The code will automatically expire on August 21st of this year.


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The Latest Trailer Of Pokemon Sun And Moon Showing Legendaries, Characters & More - Revealed!

The Latest Trailer Of Pokemon Sun And Moon Showing Legendaries, Characters & More - Revealed!

The Pokemon Company has delivered as promised new details for their upcoming game Pokemon Sun and Moon. Now meet the new Legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendaries made their full debut in the latest trailer released on June 2. The footage shows Solgaleo and Lunala’s types and special moves as well as the characters that trainers will meet in Alola region. And yes, the island of Alola region is clearly based from Hawaii! Watch the latest trailer below.


Solgaleo is a psychic/steel-type Pokemon with lion-like features, Full Metal Body ability and Sunsteel Strike move. While Lunala is a psychic/ghost-type that looks like a bat with Shadow Shield ability and Moongeist Beam move.  The new Legendaries’ Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam will disregard whatever abilities of the Pokemon they strike.


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The latest trailer introduced the characters Professor Kukui, his mysterious assistant Lillie, and a friend in Alola region named Hau. Rotom, the Pokemon that can possess any household appliances and was launched in Diamond & Pearl is now among the "next generation of Pokedexes," and can communicate with trainers.

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Here’s also the latest trailer featured in the Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel. Polygon reported that it shows more of the Alola region for 13 seconds: its tropical breeze and the beaches.


According to the Pokemon Sun and Moon website, the game will have a QR Scanner that scans QR Code patterns to enable trainers to see information about Pokemon. By scanning the QR Code patterns, the Pokemon of the Alola region will be registered to the trainer’s Pokedex, and if it’s not captured yet, the trainer can check the Pokemon’s habitat and look for it. The QR Code patterns can be shared with other trainers too, and they can also register the Pokemon in their own Pokedexes.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has announced the inclusion of Pokemon Sun and Moon in its E3 presentations this month. The game will be featured in the Nintendo Treehouse livestream on June 14th along with The Legend of Zelda Wii U. Nintendo also announced that it will be hosting a Pokemon GO Q&A session with one of the game’s developers on June 15th.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon release date is November 18 for Japan and US and November 23 for UK.


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How To Get Manaphy This Month And Where To Catch New Information For Pokemon Sun And Moon

How To Get Manaphy This Month And Where To Catch New Information For Pokemon Sun And Moon

You can now claim your free Mythical Pokemon Manaphy this month of June. Water-type Manaphy comes at a level 100 with Hydration ability and moves like Bubble, Water Sport, and Tail Glow.

GameSpot wrote that you can claim Manaphy by simply opening you Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon X, or Pokemon Y. Then select Receive Gift option in the Main Menu and receive the Mythical Pokemon through your internet connection. Follow the directions that will be given by the game to pick up Manaphy at any in-game Pokemon Center. You can get the detailed instructions here.


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You have until June 24 to get the free Manaphy in your Pokemon games.

According to the Pokemon website:

“Manaphy is very special because it's the only Mythical Pokémon that can be left in the Pokémon Day Care with a Ditto to produce another Pokémon—Phione. That makes this month's distribution event an extra-special opportunity to receive not one but two hard-to-get Pokémon!”

The site announces that the full-length movie, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea where the Mythical Pokemon Manaphy “takes a central role” can be watched for a brief time via Pokemon TV and the Pokemon TV app. But you have to hurry so you won’t miss this thrilling Pokemon movie.


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In addition to the Manaphy freebie and movie, you can also purchase the Pokemon TCG: Mythical Pokemon Collection – Manaphy. The pack includes never-before-seen foil promo card featuring Manaphy, a Manaphy collector's pin, 2 special Pokemon TCG: Generations booster packs, and a code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

Meanwhile, we’re only hours away to the June 2 announcement by The Pokemon  Company for the upcoming game Pokemon Sun and Moon. Though the exact time was given, around 6 a.m. PT or 9 a.m. EST, it is not clear yet if the announcement will be in the form of a video or a Twitter post.


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iDigitalTimes wrote that to get the news on the specified time, you can “keep an eye” on the following:

We will still give you update on what will be announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon as soon as details come out.


Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company, YouTube