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Nintendo Will Now Have The Legend Of Zelda Wii U, Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon And More For E3

Nintendo Will Now Have The Legend Of Zelda Wii U, Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon And More For E3

Nintendo has changed its plan. It will no longer be The Legend of Zelda Wii U alone that will be shown in E3, four more games will be joining the game including Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The latest development was announced in a press release June 2 morning.


Tech Times wrote that Nintendo will broadcast all the company’s news and reveals for two days through the Nintendo Treehouse event rather than the live-streamed press conference that it used to do in the past. The event starts on June 14th and will run through the 15th.

"Nintendo heads to E3 once again and brings the coverage directly to you with a two-day program from Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3! Tune in starting at 9 a.m. PT on June 14 for a day of live-streaming gameplay focused on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U and first live gameplay of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon that kicks off the program!

Day 2 of Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3 will showcase upcoming releases for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, including Monster Hunter Generations, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE! Day 2 will start with a special Pokémon GO developer Q&A at 10 a.m. PT on June 15."


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According to Game Rant, Nintendo will have a demo booth on the show floor for The Legend of Zelda and the two-day Nintendo Treehouse live-stream featuring the following upcoming games:


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This announcement is a welcome improvement to Nintendo’s previous plan of just focusing the E3 presentation on The Legend of Zelda Wii U. Although the publisher also announced previously that the game can be played earlier in their Nintendo Store in New York, the fans are still hoping that Nintendo will feature more upcoming titles in the E3 this June.


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Let’s see if Nintendo will have additional changes on its E3 showings these coming days.

E3 2016 will begin June 14, Tuesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


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Pokemon Latest News, Trailer & Update: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon On Nintendo 3DS This 2016

Pokemon Latest News, Trailer & Update: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon On Nintendo 3DS This 2016

A new world, new Pokemon, and new adventures will be coming our way as The Pokemon Company’s president and CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara, announced the newest addition to the Pokemon series – Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Ishihara made the 6-minute announcement through Nintendo Direct in celebration of 20th anniversary of Pokemon. It was somewhat pre-empted by the disclosure of the trademark filings for the titles last Thursday. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will come later part of 2016 on the Nintendo 3DS line of handheld devices. However, the specific date is not yet revealed

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be offered in nine languages such as Japanese, English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Korean, and traditional and simplified Chinese – the first in the history of Pokemon. By doing so, players from all over the world can conquer language barriers and communicate with each other through Pokemon. It will also launch into a “potentially massive new market” and help boost sales for Nintendo hardware, wrote Wired.

Watch the video here for full details.

Game Freak, the studio that made the original games back in 1996, are now developing Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon which will also make use of Pokemon Bank System.


According to the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon site, with Pokemon Bank, the player will be able to transfer captured Pokemon in the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow into their copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon. The same can be done to Pokemon from Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X, and Pokemon Y.


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February 27th this year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, which is the day that Pokemon Green and Pokemon Red were released in Japan. Ishihara said to expect more new and fun ways to enjoy Pokemon this 2016.


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PC Advisor reported that the original Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow can be purchased directly on February 27th through Nintendo eShop for £8.99 as well as the special edition Nintendo 2DS consoles with the games already installed.


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We will keep you posted of the updates as the Pokemon 20th anniversary unfolds today.

 Here's the official trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.



Updated: February 28 – 7:30 am

According to Crunchyroll you could still run into Missingno glitch on the 3DS eShop versions of the Pokemon Red and Blue games. Try it yourself.

For the 20th anniversary, here are 10 Facts about the iconic Nintendo Pokemon franchise that you would hate to miss.