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Pokemon GO Details Released: A First Look On What’s In Store For You

Pokemon GO Details Released: A First Look On What’s In Store For You

Photo Credit: Niantic

Thanks for the leaked footage from SXSW, Niantic and The Pokemon Company have now released some Pokemon GO details – and they’re official!

Pokemon GO trailer was first revealed to the public September last year and no major update has been heard since then.

Niantic said that Pokemon GO symbolizes the next generation of “Real World Gaming” platform that the company is heading to.

“This platform combines mobile location technology and augmented reality to create a unique game experience that motivates players to go outside and explore the world around them.”

With the use of Pokemon GO for Android and iPhone devices, you will be able to journey between the Pokemon virtual world and the real world. To encourage players to search for Pokemon all over the world, the app will utilize real locations like those in the Pokemon video game series such as Paris, New York, and Japan’s Kanto and Hokkaido regions. The only difference is that, the setting is no longer in fantasy but the real world we live in.


Photo Credit: Niantic

As you go around the cities and towns where you live or travel to faraway places around the world to catch Pokemon, your smartphone will vibrate to alert you to their nearby presence. When you see a Pokemon, you just aim at it using your smartphone's touch screen and tap to throw a Poke Ball to capture the Pokemon.


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Another way to catch Pokemon is through Pokemon GO Plus. The portable device connects directly via Bluetooth to a smartphone and informs the player through vibration and LED of events happening in the game, including the presence of a Pokemon in your vicinity. The player can just press the button of the Pokemon GO Plus to capture a Pokemon. Details of its incoming release will be available soon.


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You can collect additional Poke Balls and other surprise items at PokeStops located in historical markers, public art installations, monuments, and other interesting places. More Pokemon GO details can be found here.

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Pokemon GO is set for an early field test exclusively in Japan while still in its development stage – which means the design, features, overall appearance, and language availability are not yet final.

Let’s just wait for more Pokemon GO details on when the field test will be expanded to other countries.