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You Can Now Play Pokemon GO In New Zealand And Australia

You Can Now Play Pokemon GO In New Zealand And Australia

UPDATED (July 7, 2016):

Pokemon GO was launched today in the United States. Nintendo says “The mobile game is also coming soon to Canada, Europe, and South America.”

Original Story:

Pokemon GO is now available on iTunes and Google Play Stores for New Zealand and Australia.

For those residing in North America, the augmented-reality game is not yet playable but will eventually roll out soon this July according to Polygon. Pokemon GO is currently offered for Android and iOS devices. However, some users who tried to download the free-to-play mobile app from Google Play Store noted that the Pokemon Game is not compatible with their Android devices, particularly the still-in-beta Android 7.0 also known as Nougat.

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Pokemon GO was developed by Niantic Labs, with The Pokemon Company and Nintendo as partners. The Pokemon game was scheduled for release this month as well as its hardware accessory, Pokemon GO Plus.

Mashable wrote that the download links for the game emerged Wednesday morning in Australia. A Nintendo Australia representative confirmed through email that the game is indeed available not only in Australia, but New Zealand as well. Though Pokemon GO is already live on iTunes and Google Play Stores, the links will only work in these countries at the moment.

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Mashable’s Australia counterpart reported that the players need to get out of their house or their office to explore the real world in order for them to find Pokemon and accessories. Their smartphones’ GPS system will keep track of the presence of nearby Pokemon that they can capture. To get into PokeStops to score some items, players must walk around the city as these real world locations are mostly local landmarks.


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You can click here to get the full tour on the game.


Image Credit: Mashable Australia


E3 2016 Latest Update: Pokemon GO Plus Releases July, Possibly Pokemon GO Too

E3 2016 Latest Update: Pokemon GO Plus Releases July, Possibly Pokemon GO Too

It seems we only have to wait several weeks until Pokemon GO launches in the market.

Nintendo Treehouse Live’s second day E3 2016 presentation was a Q&A panel that included video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and president and CEO of the Pokemon Company Tsunekazu Ishihara. During the session, Miyamoto had shared additional details on the upcoming augmented-reality game Pokemon GO, and sort of teased the game’s release.


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Miyamoto announced that the optional Pokemon GO Plus device will release by the end of July and will cost $34.99. He even showed how the wearable device works. The Pokemon GO Plus has a Bluetooth feature that allows players to search and catch Pokemon even when they are not carrying their phones.

Comicbook wrote that the device will “keep players moving” and will let them enjoy their Pokemon GO adventures without keeping their eyes on their smartphones. The device is strapped on the player’s wrist and will flash green and vibrate when a Pokemon is nearby. Pokemon GO Plus will either show a rainbow light if the Pokemon is captured or a red one if it escaped.


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According to Tech Times, by confirming the release date of Pokemon GO Plus, Miyamoto hinted the possible release of the Pokemon GO mobile game being developed by Niantic Labs. The Pokemon Company’s Tsunekazu Ishihara’s words further teased the probability of a July release when he commented through a translator:

"Mr. Miyamoto, I think you just announced the release date of the Go Plus device ... and, obviously that means we've gotta have the application out there ahead of time," said Ishihara. "So, we're going to have to work hard to get it ready for everyone."

This news would surely please the Pokemon fans that have been waiting for the final version to hit the market.


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The E3 2016 Q&A panel composed of The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic developers also revealed more info on the upcoming Pokemon GO such as the Pokemon that is harder to catch, the different way that a Pokemon evolve, and a future tie-in with Pokemon Sun and Moon for 3DS.

Watch the footage of the E3 2016 Nintendo Treehouse live stream uploaded in YouTube by Nintendo Everything, where Pokemon GO was discussed together with the Pokemon GO Plus.


Photo Credit: Nintendo


Here’s Another Chance To Grab Pokemon Mew For Free

Here’s Another Chance To Grab Pokemon Mew For Free

Did you miss to download Pokemon Mew last February? Don’t despair because The Pokemon Company will be distributing Mew again this June through their Pokemon newsletter.

Originally available for download at GameStop stores, Mew can be yours when you sign-up to the Pokemon Trainer Club until June 1. You will then be given a code to get Mew in the June newsletter. The code can be used in Pokemon X or Y, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire until August 31.


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Gamespot reported that the legendary Mew comes at level 100 with Synchronize ability and Pound attack. Mew will be availed for free in June and also Manaphy, the mythical Pokemon scheduled for distribution next month after Darkrai.

To keep you on tab for free Pokemon distribution in the coming months as part of Pokemon 20th anniversary, here’s the list provide by Tech Times.

  • June 1 to 24: Manaphy from Nintendo Network
  • July 1 to 24: Shaymin from Nintendo Network
  • Aug. 1 to 24: Arceus from GameStop
  • Sept. 1 to 24: Victini from Nintendo Network
  • Oct. 1 to 24: Keldeo from Nintendo Network
  • Nov. 1 to 24: Genesect from GameStop
  • Dec. 1 to 24: Meloetta from Nintendo Network


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Meanwhile, beta tests are currently underway in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. The Pokemon Company has officially announced earlier this week details and screenshots of Pokemon GO gameplay, mechanics, and gym battles to build-up excitement on their much awaited augmented-reality game. It was followed by the Japanese Pokemon webpage announcing similar details but with additional new Pokemon GO images.


The sixteen screenshots show various features of Pokemon GO such as real-world map to capture Pokemon, gym battles, and trainer customization. According to Comicbook, the image of a hand holding a Magikarp suggests that “Pokemon GO can ‘interact’ with their nearby surroundings.” It can also be just a product of a skillful Photoshop.


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Click here to view all sixteen new screenshots.


Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company


Pokemon GO Field Test Launches In The U.S.

Pokemon GO Field Test Launches In The U.S.

Niantic Labs announced that Pokemon GO field test has started in the U.S. on May 25. Those people who have signed up to become field testers should have received by now their invites to play the beta of The Pokemon Company’s augmented-reality game.

The U.S. expansion follows the on-going field tests in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. According to Niantic, they have added lots of new features to “expand gameplay” after hearing the feedback from their testers.


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Pokemon trainers can now assist the evolution of their Pokemon and discover and collect Pokemon Eggs. However, trainers will have to walk a preset distance to hatch the Egg and learn what Pokemon will come out.

Trainers will also come across Pokemon Gyms in real-world locations wherein they can test their Pokemon in battles “to win control of the Gym for one of three Pokemon Trainer teams.” Niantic revealed that the Venusaur has not been seen yet, and challenged all field testers to be the first to catch and evolve their Bulbasaurs or Ivysaurs into Venusaur.


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TechCrunch wrote that more than 100 Pokemon can be captured in the wild according to The Pokemon Company, and players will be notified when a Pokemon is near through push notifications sent to their phones.

Screenshots of avatar customization, map view, battles and evolution in Pokemon GO can be viewed here.   


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Pokemon GO will launch on Android and iOS devices this year. Reports said that the U.S. field test will be the last before the release of the final version of the game.   


Photo Credit: Niantic


Pokemon GO Field Test Expands To United States, Sign-Ups Now Open!

Pokemon GO Field Test Expands To United States, Sign-Ups Now Open!

First Japan, followed by Australia and New Zealand, now…United States!

Fans in the United States will now have the chance to be included as field tester for the much-awaited mobile game, Pokemon GO. You don’t need to rely anymore on leaks from the on-going field tests just to get some details on the upcoming augmented-reality game from The Pokemon Company and Niantic. You’ll be able to try out the game yourself – that is if you got lucky to be selected from thousands and thousands of fans who have been waiting for their turn to play the game!


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How to sign up? Just go to the Pokemon GO official website and register. The announcement was done by The Pokemon Company and Niantic according to IGN. The development team stresses in the site that "The app is still in active development, so it has a limited set of features at the moment and there may be things that don't work properly."


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Regarding the recent United States expansion, the development team said that:

"Because the game involves numerous people playing in multiple countries at the same time, we have a lot to test before we publicly launch. This is why we are asking for your help. We would love for you to - if selected - download the field test version and play it. Your regular gameplay and feedback will help us iterate, polish and make the game launch-ready."

The same requirements apply to those who will sign up for the US field test. Players must keep everything confidential, a Version 4.3 for Android users or an iPhone 5 with iOS 8 version for all Apple users.


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Polygon wrote that any development created during the pre-release will be entirely wiped out before the release of the final game. Niantic and The Pokemon Company have not yet released the specific date for the launch of Pokemon GO this 2016.

Check our site for more Pokemon GO updates in the coming days!         


Photo Credit: TechTimes