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Brand New Kingdom Hearts Game Unchained X North America Release – Confirmed!

Brand New Kingdom Hearts Game Unchained X North America Release – Confirmed!


Good news to Kingdom Hearts fans in North America! You will now have a new Kingdom Hearts game to keep you busy until the release of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Square Enix recently posted in their site an interview with Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura who has several exciting info to share with the fans.

“In just three days, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is coming to North America on iOS and Android devices”, Nomura announced. That means April 7th to be exact.


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When asked if there’s a connection between Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ and the upcoming new game Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Nomura said:

 “I hope fans and newcomers alike will find themselves absorbed in this brand new adventure that reveals the origins of KINGDOM HEARTS.”

“This is the story of the “beginning” of the KINGDOM HEARTS series; in other words, it falls into the earliest part of the narrative”, Nomura explained.

“It takes place in the world of fairy tales talked about throughout the series, during an era before the Keyblade War. There are many different keyblade wielders in the world, and you, the player, are one of them.”

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There is only one new world in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, and it’s Daybreak Town which is the players’ hometown. The Kingdom Hearts game will introduce new characters such as the five Foretellers, cat-like Chirithy, Ephemera and Skuld.

You can get the full details of the interview here.

IGN reported that the gameplay of the Kingdom Hearts game involves amassing medals and successfully finishing live events – both in competitive and cooperative set-ups with other players of the game.


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The upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue will include Kingdom Hearts Unchained X  side story titled Unchained X - Back Cover; remastered Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance; and Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage.

Brand new Kingdom Hearts game Kingdom Hearts Unchained X will arrive in North America this April 7th.


Photo Credit: Square Enix