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10 Grey’s Anatomy Scenes That Will Break Your Heart

10 Grey’s Anatomy Scenes That Will Break Your Heart

It’s only a week before Grey’s Anatomy will be back on air for Season 13, and the web is now abuzz with news about the show and its characters, both old and new. Definitely, Shonda Rhimes has a lot of surprises in store for die-hard fans of the most popular medical drama on television!

Do you think you are ready for them? Break-ups, make-ups and more death? Well, you’re not a true Grey’s Anatomy fan if you’re not!

Let’s revisit the Grey’s Anatomy scenes that left you sobbing for the last 12 seasons. Don't forget to grab a towel or some tissues before you continue reading though!

Burke Leaves Cristina on their Wedding Day

Cristina breaks down when Burke leaves her at the altar on their wedding day. Who cannot empathize with the stone-hearted Cristina at her most vulnerable moment? It’s the worst that could happen to a woman on her supposed-to-be special day!

Mark’s Death

Mark Sloan had developed into one of the most interesting and beloved characters of Grey’s Anatomy. He’s also dubbed as McSteamy by fans for that unforgettable shower scene! Seeing him die is really heartbreaking. But watching his friends Derek and Callie deal with his death…it’s too much!

The Plane Crash that Destroyed Everything


The fans’ sadness meter was tested to the limits in the plane crash scene that makes you bawl like a baby for the simultaneous tragedies that befell the doctors. Lexie finally hears Mark say “I love you” moments before she drew her last breath.

Meredith Realizes that George is Actually John Doe

This scene never fails to make people cry! Meredith finally learns who the dying John Doe is…it’s George! A box of Kleenex is not enough after that!

When Denny’s Heart Fails

Grey’s Anatomy is full of tragic love stories, but Denny and Izzie’s is truly incredible! Fans loved them so much. Charming and rugged Denny is a perfect match for pretty and smart Izzie. But then, Denny fell sick and dies unexpectedly. It’s not just traumatic for Izzie…it’s traumatic to fans too!

The End of MerDer


Derek dies saving other people. His heroic death is not enough to lessen the pain of his loss. It’s like a part of us died with him, leaving us a hollow shell of our former self!

Some fans keep praying for a miracle that somehow, some way, he will return on Grey’s Anatomy because they are not ready to say goodbye to him yet – their beloved McDreamy!

Watch all 10 Grey’s Anatomy scenes that will break your heart here.



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Grey’s Anatomy: What Comes Next After Calzona's Bitter Custody Battle?

Grey’s Anatomy: What Comes Next After Calzona's Bitter Custody Battle?


Thursday night’s Grey’s Anatomy showed us Callie and Arizona in a bitter custody battle for their daughter Sofia. It ended with Arizona gaining full custody over Callie who is Sofia’s biological mother. It divided the former couple in a way that the fans who watched the episode got their hearts broken with the duo. But the future is not all heartaches and conflicts for the characters of the show. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)


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According to TVLine’s interview with Kevin McKidd who plays Owen and who also directed last night’s episode titled “Mama Tried,” the aftereffects of the divorce to the moms will be seen in the coming episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, but there’s good time as well.

When asked what’s the aftermath for Callie and Arizona, McKidd said:

“Yeah, they try to be professional, but it’s hard when there are hurt feelings like that.”

With regards to Owen and Amelia, McKidd revealed that happiness awaits the two characters.

“Yes. We finally start to get to really enjoy each other, which is a blast to play. Caterina [Scorsone, Amelia] has a blast exploring that levity, because [our characters] get on like a house on fire, so it’s really nice to be able to play all that real affection and step away from the angst.”

It may just be for the moment but for the time being, they’re in a good space according to McKidd.

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Meanwhile, fellow Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams (Jackson) also had a talk with THR about what will happen on his relationship with his divorced wife April and their future baby after the wake of Callie and Arizona’s custody battle.


When questioned if there’s still hope that they can save their relationship:

“For sure. If there wasn't a pregnancy, it would have been much easier for them to completely separate and avoid each other; the pregnancy gives them a reason to keep interacting and keep crossing paths,” Williams said.

“It's definitely been a magnet. I think there's hope [romantically]. I don't think it's promised at all. But there's always hope. If they're both alive, there's always hope.”

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Grey's Anatomy broadcasts every Thursdays on ABC at 8 p.m.


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