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Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor Is Out And Now, A Fallout 4 Puzzle Has Been Solved!

Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor Is Out And Now, A Fallout 4 Puzzle Has Been Solved!

As previously announced, the third Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor for Xbox One, PS4, and PC arrived May 19th – and it’s so large that you might need a guide to explore it!

Gamespot wrote that Far Harbor “is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Maine's Bar Harbor.” It has the largest mass ever created by Bethesda as add-on content. With Far Harbor, players can get new missions, creatures, weapons, and more.

"Far Harbor will take you on a journey that's a far cry from the Commonwealth," said Bethesda.

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According to Kotaku, a quest that is considered useless in Fallout 4 now finally made sense in Far Harbor. It’s like a lost puzzle piece that finally found its place in the new DLC. Any idea what is it?

While playing Fallout 4 have you been offered a “charge card” by Parker Quinn while wandering around the Fallout 4’s adaptation of South Boston? It is supposed to be a new currency that will replace caps but in the Commonwealth, nobody will accept it. Here’s a footage of that Parker Quinn encounter in case you can’t recall it.

Did you notice Parker Quinn’s New England accent?

Kotaku pointed out that the newly released Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor can also be called Fallout: New England Edition. Why? Because the grouchy fishermen inhabiting an island speak with classic New England accent! And of course, the charge card is the currency there!


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Amazing isn’t it? What players thought to be useless is not useless at all! Since he was the one who’s offering the charge card, it can be assumed that Parker Quinn came from Far Harbor. Watch the video below courtesy of Kotaku to check for yourself.


In case you haven’t heard, Fallout 4 mods for Xbox One are coming this month and the PS4 will be available in June. Bethesda also announced that additional add-ons will be release in the later part of 2016.

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Photo Credit: Kotaku


Fallout 4 DLC: Sign-Ups For Fallout 4 Mods Beta For Xbox One Now Open, Trophy List Leaked For Far Harbor

Fallout 4 DLC: Sign-Ups For Fallout 4 Mods Beta For Xbox One Now Open, Trophy List Leaked For Far Harbor

Far Harbor launches May 19th and sign-ups for the Fallout 4 mods beta for Xbox One are now open.

Fallout 4 players have been very active in trying out the beta for Fallout 4 mods on PC through the official mod shop of Bethesda. The company has announced recently that its PC mod shop has already achieved one million downloads. And right after the release of Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor next week, it will be the turn of Xbox One owners to test the mods. All they have to do is go to Bethesda’s official website to sign-up and be considered for the beta access.



The details needed for the sign-up include ownership of Fallout 4, the platform being played on, and the Xbox Live Gamertag. Some information on the player’s created characters will also be asked and those that will be chosen for the beta test will receive a code through email.

A month after the release of Xbox One mods beta, the PS4 users will be given the chance to try them out. Although Bethesda announced the June arrival of the PS4 beta, they did not confirm on how the mods will perform on consoles, wrote Gamespot.



Meanwhile, iDigitaltimes reported that the trophy list for Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor has leaked online. The trophies are 9 bronze and 1 silver which totals to 10. Five revolve around the new content while the rest are story-based.

The 5 story-based trophies are:

  • Close to Home
  • Far From Home
  • Where You Belong
  • The Way Life Should Be
  • Cleansing the Land

 The other 5 trophies are:

  • New England Vacationer - discover 20 Far Harbor locations
  • Push Back the Fog - unlock three Far Harbor workshop locations
  • Hooked - defeat 30 Far Harbor sea creatures
  • Just Add Saltwater - cook one of the Far Harbor recipes
  • The Islander’s Almanac - collect all of the Islander’s Almanac magazine issues



Close to Home story trophy is the only silver trophy and believed to be the final trophy to be earned after finishing the Far Harbor quest line. Though the leaked trophies are for PS4, it is most likely that Xbox One and Steam achievements will have the same trophies

Far Harbor will arrive May 19th. Watch the new trailer below.


Photo Credit: Gamespot



Watch The Latest Trailer Of Fallout 4 Far Harbor, Releases This May

Watch The Latest Trailer Of Fallout 4 Far Harbor, Releases This May

It will not be long before Far Harbor – the first big expansion of Fallout 4 will roll out for Fallout 4 gamers. Bethesda’s downloadable content with the “largest landmass” now has a release date, and it’s May 19th.

Here’s how Bethesda describes the set-up of their third DLC according to The Verge:

In "Far Harbor," a new case from Valentine's Detective Agency leads you on a search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths. Travel off the coast of Maine to the mysterious island of Far Harbor, where higher levels of radiation have created a more feral world. Navigate through the growing conflict between the synths, the Children of Atom, and the local townspeople. Will you work towards bringing peace to Far Harbor, and at what cost?


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Far Harbor is more expensive than Automatron and Wasteland Workshop - the earlier released DLCs. It comes at the price of $24.99 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Watch the trailer below.


Meanwhile, YouTube user and Fallout 4 modder Cosmic Contrarian has created 30,000 customized robots to battle with the human population of the Commonwealth Wasteland. Although the representatives of mankind are armed with the most sophisticated weapons, they will have a hard time taking down wave after wave of enemies consisted of Sentrybots and Assaultrons that you have never witnessed before, wrote Tech Times.


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Cosmic Contrarian produced the video using Automatron DLC materials together with his massive expertise in video-editing. This is the biggest work he has uploaded so far, and took a lot of time to complete. The soundtrack was provided by Irving Force.


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If you want to watch the video here, be warned that the action runs for 26 minutes and 50 seconds but, it will be worth your time! Enjoy!



Photo Credit: Bethesda